Thanks from Ireland

Thanks from Ireland.The mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodriguez Badal, received today a letter from the president of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, thanking the local authority for the way in which it looks after the local Irish community and for the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations it organises each year in cooperation with local associations such as the Lions of Calvia which attract thousands of visitors from all across the island. The letter was presented to the mayor by the honorary Irish consul in the Balearics, Pedro Pablo Marrero Henning, in the presence of the Calvia councillor for sports and the international community, Eva Serra, the head of the council’s international department, Dolina Reynolds, and the president of the Calvia Lions Association, Adrian Elkinson. Irishman Elkinson said i...

Mallorca Leisure

Known as the largest island in the Balearic archipelago off the coast of Spain, Mallorca leisure is a hotspot for tourists seeking an unforgettable Mediterranean vacation. This naturally beautiful island has been ruled by various kingdoms over its centuries-long history but is now a major destination for European tourists looking to enjoy the sun and sand. Mallorca is divided into three sections with the west coast dominated by the Serra de Tramuntana mountain chain, the east coast marked by the Serra de Llevant mountains, and the island’s center described as “es plas,” or the plain. But most tourists who travel to Mallorca spend their time far and away from the island’s center, enjoying its more than 340 miles of coastline and the many sun-kissed beaches that along it. Once the sun sets, ...

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