Is it all over for the British Expat life in the sun?

The first thing to say here is “what a shock!”. Whether you wanted to stay or go and despite the fact we all knew it was going to be close, it is still a shock which I am reeling from over a week later. Regardless of this the UK is heading for the EU exit sign. Having resorted to “scare tactics” on an ever increasing scale to convince us Brits to Remain, the UK Prime Minister David Cameron ended up with so much egg on his face as the result to leave became clear, that he resigned on Friday morning prompting an unseemly scramble to take his place amongst the Tories from the Leave campaign. Michael Gove and Theresa May have emerged as front runners in this race to the line, with Gove having been accused of a dirty tricks campaign to rob Boris Johnson of a chance at the title. The problem wit...

Expat in Spain and Paying Too Much Tax?

Expat in Spain and Paying Too Much Tax? Find out how to make significant tax savings on your investments. Free, No Obligation Financial Review for SegurMallorca Clients Why is a review so important?  Your Financial Adviser was well paid for the advice you sought, and is still being paid now, when did you last see them to review your affairs?  Costs of Investments have fallen, are you paying too much for yours?  With the UK exiting the EU how do you find the buying opportunities?  Spanish Tax Compliant Investments, do you know how efficient they are?  UK style Pension Freedoms for Expats, what does this mean to you? Get in touch with us to Improve your financial future today Practice Manager: Lesley Higdon Financial Adviser: Sandy Paterson DipFA sandy@alexande...

Our question on twitter.

Twitter survey. Better off out or in? #Brexit

What do you think ?

What do you think? The people of the UK have voted to leave the European Union by a majority of 52%. More than 30 million people voted, which was the highest turnout for a poll since 1992. The voting varied widely, with London in favour of remain as well as Scotland but mostly everywhere else opting to leave.The pound has fallen sharply to its lowest level against the dollar since 1985, falling eight per cent. Markets have also been hit, Tokyo down also by 8%. Boris Johnson and Michael Gove have called on David Cameron to stay on as prime minister, while Nigel Farage, hailing “independence day”, has said he should go.  

Northern towns wanting a bus service to connect them

Representatives of five town halls in northern Majorca – Alcudia, Muro, Pollensa, Sa Pobla and Santa Margalida – have met with local hoteliers and the head of the Majorca Transport Consortium (CTM) and made a plea for improved public transport. The feeling among the five town halls is that for too long they have been at the back of the queue when it comes to this public service. They have, therefore, made a specific request for there to be a bus service that connects the five municipalities. Sa Pobla’s mayor, Biel Ferragut, said that connections between Sa Pobla and the rest of the northern area were “absolutely zero” and proposed that there be a connecting service for the five towns as this would be of benefit to both residents and tourists. Joana Maria Serra...

Alexander Peter Wealth Management and SegurMallorca Insurance.

Last Thursday a collaboration agreement was signed between the companies Alexander Peter Wealth Management and SegurMallorca Insurance. The former is one of the most important companies specialised in offering independent financial advice to British Expats living around the world wheras the latter is the most important AXA Insurance agency in Spain. John Davidson, ALEXANDER PETER’s manager, and Marga Pons, SEGURMALLORCA’s manager, agreed to express their interest in providing a professional service to all customers and benefits for their insurance . HOME , LIFE, HEALTH , AUTO, INVESTMENT , PENSION SAVINGS… According to Sandy Paterson and Lesley Higdon (Alexander Peter’s managers in Mallorca), this agreement will be very beneficial and will allow them to offer special discounts to the...

EasyJet flight to Palma diverted to Toulouse

EasyJet flight EZY6895 from Glasgow to Palma on Saturday had to be diverted to Toulouse because of disruptive behaviour by a group of passengers. The flight departed at 7.20pm and was redirected to Toulouse where these passengers were escorted off the plane by police. The plane then continued to Palma, but the return flight to Glasgow was delayed overnight as it would have exceeded the crew’s legal operating hours. EasyJet apologised for the inconvenience, but said in a statement that “the safety and wellbeing of customers and crew is always our priority”.  

The government wants to change the airport name

The Balearic government has officially asked the ministry for development in Madrid to apply the new language laws to the names of the airports in the Balearics, which means using the Catalan names, so Palma airport would no longer be Palma de Mallorca airport but just Palma. The announcement comes just 24 hours after the Balearic parliament agreed to debate a motion to revert the name of Palma de Mallorca to just Palma on the grounds that it was changed by the former Partido Popular government as part of its campaign to diminish the importance of Catalan and its culture in the region. Today, the minister for transport, Marc Pons, revealed that he had made the official application to the minister for development, Ana Pastor, last week during a meeting over introducing flat rates for inter-...


Santa Ponça,13th to 19th June 2016, the headquarters of the WTA Mallorca Open, a tournament of $ 250,000 endowment and that will mean for many circumstances a historic milestone for the Spanish tennis: it will be the first tournament on grass is played in Spain and worldwide premiere night sessions on grass since none of the tournaments that are played so far in male or female category (Wimbledon, Queen’s, S’Hertogenbosch, Nottingham, Eastbourne, Birmingham, Newport …) They have it. The tournament will belong to the ‘mini-circuit’ Road To Wimbledon, and played at the interval open this season between Roland Garros and Grand London Slam, by granting the calendar an extra week interval between the two: Roland Garros will be held from 22 May to June 6, next week will be played S’Hertogenbosch...

Alexander Peter collaboration.

It’s our pleasure to communicate our partnership with  ALEXANDER PETER. Alexander Peter Wealth Management provides specialist independent financial advice for British Expats living around the world. We provide tax efficient and tax compliant solutions for those living within the EU with specific solutions for Spain. Mallorca Team Sandy Paterson DipFA, CeMAP Independent Financial Adviser – Mallorca Following a successful career advising his client’s in the UK since joining the profession in 1995, Sandy decided to make the move into the world of financial advice for Expats in the Balearics. He has long believed that dependable, professional and well-regulated financial advice should be available to Expats in the same way as it is to UK Residents. Something which has been sadly lacking ...

Expats club Mallorca

Do you know Expats club Mallorca? Expats are people like you who moved abroad to live in a foreign country. Maybe you moved for good or for a period of time, maybe you work or retired, maybe you run a local business or manage a larger company. We all have something in common. We want to meet like-minded international people, have fun, become a part of the expat community we live in and get good offers from the companies we need to by products and services from. This is where International Expats Club come to play and create great parties, make new friends and business connections, all those values hard to create yourself. A global membership organisation for people who moved abroad and like social and business networking in a party atmosphere – that´s who we are – join in! http...

Arabella golf Mallorca

It’s our pleasure to start this new adventure in commenting  the sports news in Mallorca .This month take walking definitely an innovative project in Arabella Golf Mallorca has placed notable efforts and resources, in order to continue placing the offer of their golf courses such as toe in Mallorca and among the most important on the European scene.

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