May we need permits to live in Europe after Brexit?

Home Office sources has said that “new” expats will need VISA for a long term residence in Europe after Brexit. The changes, which will form part of the Brexit negotiations, would mean British pensioners who want to retire to Spain or Italy would have to apply for a residency permit and could be forced to prove their income in order to settle. People who already live abroad are unlikely to be affected by the changes under reciprocal agreements expected to be signed when the UK leaves the union. What do you think about Brexit?

Hotel occupancy in October set to increase

The Majorca Hoteliers Federation is forecasting 61% hotel occupancy in October, which would be an increase of eight per cent over last year. The federation believes that the occupancy rate will prove to be higher because of last-minute bookings. September is expected to close with there having been 90% occupancy, which will represent a rise of four per cent. In August, the rate – 95% – was much as it was in 2015. The figures have not been affected by the UK referendum result, notes the federation, which points to August rates of 94% and 96% in Magalluf and Santa Ponsa. There could be consequences going forward, observes the federation, but these are more likely to be for tourist spending power rather than bookings. With the referendum result in mind, it has been announced that ...

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