May we need permits to live in Europe after Brexit?

Home Office sources has said that “new” expats will need VISA for a long term residence in Europe after Brexit. The changes, which will form part of the Brexit negotiations, would mean British pensioners who want to retire to Spain or Italy would have to apply for a residency permit and could be forced to prove their income in order to settle. People who already live abroad are unlikely to be affected by the changes under reciprocal agreements expected to be signed when the UK leaves the union. What do you think about Brexit?

Is it all over for the British Expat life in the sun?

The first thing to say here is “what a shock!”. Whether you wanted to stay or go and despite the fact we all knew it was going to be close, it is still a shock which I am reeling from over a week later. Regardless of this the UK is heading for the EU exit sign. Having resorted to “scare tactics” on an ever increasing scale to convince us Brits to Remain, the UK Prime Minister David Cameron ended up with so much egg on his face as the result to leave became clear, that he resigned on Friday morning prompting an unseemly scramble to take his place amongst the Tories from the Leave campaign. Michael Gove and Theresa May have emerged as front runners in this race to the line, with Gove having been accused of a dirty tricks campaign to rob Boris Johnson of a chance at the title. The problem wit...

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Twitter survey. Better off out or in? #Brexit

What do you think ?

What do you think? The people of the UK have voted to leave the European Union by a majority of 52%. More than 30 million people voted, which was the highest turnout for a poll since 1992. The voting varied widely, with London in favour of remain as well as Scotland but mostly everywhere else opting to leave.The pound has fallen sharply to its lowest level against the dollar since 1985, falling eight per cent. Markets have also been hit, Tokyo down also by 8%. Boris Johnson and Michael Gove have called on David Cameron to stay on as prime minister, while Nigel Farage, hailing “independence day”, has said he should go.  

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