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English-Speaking Residents′ Association – Mallorca

English-Speaking Residents′ Association – Mallorca

ESRA Mallorca

THE ENGLISH-SPEAKING RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION in Mallorca (known as ESRA was founded in 1983 and currently has some 1200 members island-wide. The original challenges – the language barrier, finding a social life, coping with legal and medical matters, remain today. These issues are more easily tackled when one can draw upon the experiences of others and there is no better resource than ESRA.

ACTIVITIES – The Association conducts All Island social events such as the Car Treasure Hunt, the Flower Show, Golf tournaments,Quiz league and Ten Pin bowling contests, as well as discounted tours to the mainland, and Spring, Autumn and Christmas away from home short breaks. The five districts, which divide the island into easily accessible areas, conduct a full range of social activities and publish monthly newsletters. Lunches, dinners, sports, hobby groups, library facilities, holiday events, talks, outings, and “Bring and Buy”sales are just a few of the activities offered.

The annual Year Book, this web site and the monthlyDistrict Newsletters keep members up-to-date with what’s happening.

Members help each other with the everyday problems and emergencies that can arise and the structure of ESRA enables all to benefit from the skills, knowledge and experience of others. Member Support is the ESRA section that can give access to information about local services and facilities, and on occasion offer a co-ordinated response in an emergency. Every member of ESRA is a potential Member Support volunteer.

All of this activity is conducted on a voluntary basis, using the expertise of members of many nationalities and a diverse range of professions from all walks of life, the common bond being that all speak English. Volunteers are always welcome and perhaps YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE to this very worthwhile association.

As one long time member says, “When we first came to the island we really didn’t know anybody and carefully felt our way around. A friend introduced us to ESRA, we joined, and instantly found a large number of friends, ready made social activities and an invaluable resource and support group – the best thing we ever did!”

So – don’t hesitate. JOIN ESRA TODAY. It will be one the best investments you ever make.

Thousands of People Can’t Be Wrong!

The 2016 Executive Committee

WHY? – because many of the challenges that face newcomers and even people already living on the Island can be alleviated through the experience of others. TO HELP EACH OTHER was the founding concept of ESRA more than 30 years ago and it remains true today. ESRA members comprise an invaluable source of information on the joys and pitfalls of starting a new life outside the UK. Members are a source of friendship and companionship which can be so necessary when left alone and in a new environment. They can offer help to each other and, where language might otherwise present a barrier, share personal experiences.  Members participate in regular social and welfare activities which are all publicised and reported in monthly newsletters and the annual Year Book. The Association works with the British Consulate, charities, and other associations with similar aims, and assists members to integrate into Mallorquin society.

ESRA is a non-political, non-religious, non-commercial organization.


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