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Golf Mallorca

Arabella golf Mallorca

It’s our pleasure to start this new adventure in commenting  the sports news in Mallorca .This month take walking definitely an innovative project in Arabella Golf Mallorca has placed notable efforts and resources, in order to continue placing the offer of their golf courses such as toe in Mallorca and among the most important on the European scene.

In the DNA of Arabella Golf Mallorca is marked the spirit of constant evolution and the firm conviction of the need to offer a product that outdoes itself permanently. Therefore, objectives for this 2016 by the firm will mean a landmark thanks to two of his two great works of remodeling: the integral change of grass in the entire field of Golf Son Muntaner and the opening of the new House Club de Golf Son Vida.


The first step of this new challenge will be at Golf Son Muntaner, the most exclusive field of the group, where it will carry out an ambitious process of improvement that includes the renovation of your grass in full, giving input to the type most revolutionary of the created to date, the Bermuda Celebration. This type of grass is stronger as a species, is softer for the practice of the game, perfectly endures temperature peaks, consumes less water and presents a more striking color. In short, the maintenance of the field will be more sustainable, offering a field in perfect condition throughout the year.

After this change, play at Golf Son Muntaner will result in a new and unique experience in Mallorca, becoming the first field with 18 holes of Europe that has this type of grass. An improvement of this magnitude involves a time of implementation, so that Golf Son Muntaner, as well as the rest of its facilities, will remain closed from 9 May until early October. During this time will be used close to continue evolving the clubhouse of the field that will remodel its facilities.

During this period, the Golf Son Muntaner, partners and lovers of the practice of golf in Mallorca can play normally in the other fields of the Arabella golf course Mallorca family: Golf Son Vida Golf Son Quint (and its field Golf are Quint Pitch & Putt).


Another fundamental point which is taking place this year is the opening of the New House Club de Golf Son Vida, which has already opened part of its facilities. This new Club House has the responsibility of complying with the history, tradition and values that the Club Golf Son Vida has represented since its inception, adapting their facilities in this new era thanks to the evolution of its services and to its new location. The first include especially the opening of the Golf course are life Restaurant, which aspires to become a reference in Son Vida gastronomic meeting point and has some spectacular terradas on the green of the 18th hole.




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