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Expat in Spain and Paying Too Much Tax?

Expat in Spain and Paying Too Much Tax? Find out how to make significant tax savings on your investments. Free, No Obligation Financial Review for SegurMallorca Clients Why is a review so important?  Your Financial Adviser was well paid for the advice you sought, and is still being paid now, when did you last see them to review your affairs?  Costs of Investments have fallen, are you paying too much for yours?  With the UK exiting the EU how do you find the buying opportunities?  Spanish Tax Compliant Investments, do you know how efficient they are?  UK style Pension Freedoms for Expats, what does this mean to you? Get in touch with us to Improve your financial future today Practice Manager: Lesley Higdon Financial Adviser: Sandy Paterson DipFA sandy@alexande...

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